Friday, November 17, 2017

2016 Ewa Battlefield Commemoration - 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Attack

2016 Ewa Battlefield Commemoration - 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Attack

This was the 9th annual Ewa Field commemoration which goes back to 2008

Ewa Battlefield Commemoration director-historian John Bond,

We're on the way to Ewa Field

Ewa Field, a rural airfield defended by US Marines on Dec. 7, 1941

Japanese 7.7 mm strafing marks are still found on the concrete ramp

Marines died in combat in 1941 defending the current annual commemoration site

Historic planes from the aviation community fly over in respect

T-6 in Navy SNJ markings


Ewa Battlefield was placed on the National Historic Register in May, 2016

Hawaiian blessing by Ewa kumu Michael Kumukauoha Lee

Every year residents and visitors turn out to experience history in Ewa-Kapolei

In 1969 Ewa Field played a large movie location role in "Tora, Tora, Tora"

The commemoration parking lot is the site of the Ewa Field hangar building

 Police security was provided in 2016 because of big tours and many attending VIP's

Ewa Field veteran John Hughes was later an SBD combat pilot and Korean War pilot


Major John Hughes, USMC (Ret.) is an annual Guest of Honor

Ewa Villages December 7 veteran Simon Nasario recently passed in 2017

NPS WW-II Pearl Harbor historian Daniel Martinez provides historic insights

Col. Jason Seal, USMC (Ret.) leader of the Kapolei HS MC JROTC program

Classic cars remind attendees that Ewa Field's naval aviation history goes back to 1925

The Hickam AFB Honor Guard provide Ewa Commemoration annual rifle salute

Kapolei High School Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp flag detail 



Veterans, Kapolei MC JROTC and First Lady Dawn Ige (from Ewa Villages)

Another great annual Ewa Battlefield Commemoration ends in photos and reflections

 Thanks to those who every year turn out to keep the commemoration area cleaned up

US Marine Corps Pilots Sacrificed: Ewa Field Was America's Front Lines In Early Pacific War

75th Anniversary Ewa Battlefield Nomination And Photo Archive Available

One'ula Beach: The Ewa Location Of Historic December 7, 1941 Air Photos By Lee Embree From Army Boeing B-17

75th Anniversary of December 7, 1941 - Ewa Battlefield still has many undocumented historic sites

Famous 369th Regiment Provided WW-II Anti-Aircraft Defense For MCAS Ewa

Hawaii’s Top Secret Japanese Prisoner of War Camp – Camp Iroquois, Ewa Beach


Tour of December 7, 1941 Ewa Field, US Navy SBD And Japanese Aichi Val Crash Sites