Monday, August 4, 2014

75th Anniversary Ewa Battlefield Nomination And Photo Archive Available

75th Anniversary Attack on Ewa Battlefield


Ewa Field Battlefield Determination of Eligibility (DOE)

 by the National Park Service in Washington, DC


Draft Ewa Plains Battlefield Nomination And Photo Archive Available Here:

Former MCAS Ewa Field is an especially unique battlefield that has been officially recognized by the Federal land owner, the United States Navy in 2014, as a National Register eligible American battlefield. This federal land management decision has taken many years, beginning with a preliminary Ewa battlefield report in 2011 and subsequent studies since then.

This available draft Ewa Plain battlefield nomination was created as a result of a National Park Service American Battlefield Protection Program grant to Ewa Plains Programs in 2012, with contractor GAI Consultants, Inc. of Homestead, Pennsylvania winning the bid. The battlefield documentation took two years to complete, including on site survey work in 2013.

A Draft Ewa Plains Battlefield Nomination is available for limited public review at the link provided. The document is undergoing its final revision after a long editing and review process with Pearl Harbor historians and Ewa history researchers. Many are likely to be surprised at how large scale the Ewa, Oahu air and land battle actually was on December 7, 1941, involving all branches of the US military services.  This largely unknown final battlefield chapter of the December 7, 1941 attack on the island of Oahu has escaped a focused analysis until now…


"...the broader implication of the battlefield at Ewa Mooring Mast Field is the tangible loss of American and Japanese military personnel, on the ground and in the air. Often forgotten but well noted in this document are the civilians that were killed and wounded.

This place is sacred ground to the United States Marines that died there, to the Japanese aviators that perished and the civilian residents of Ewa plantation.

Remembering our solemn commitment to their memory is the promise that is fulfilled at battlegrounds that are preserved and enshrined by our nation."

"This document in my view fulfills the professional standards necessary to give full consideration for its nomination as National Registered battlefield. I strongly endorse this documented study."

Daniel A. Martinez,  Chief Historian
WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument


American Battlefields and National Parks are a result of public support and involvement and do not simply happen because an important historic and cultural site deserves national recognition.  Our political representatives must be made aware through expressed public communication and YOU can make a difference to help save this national treasure. Please contact me if you would like to add your support for this nomination to the National Register as an American Battlefield.


John Bond 


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