Monday, November 25, 2013

75th Anniversay of the Attack on Ewa Battlefiel​d Commemorat​ion

 75th Anniversay of the Attack on Ewa Battlefiel​d 


Major John Hughes, USMC (Ret.) was honored as well as the Marines, soldiers and naval air crews killed and wounded on and around Ewa Field on December 7, 1941.
US Marines and other military cadet organizations provided commemoration honors.

Commemoration of Historic Ewa Battlefield

“We were surprised when we heard about this because the Marines, we're deep, deep in the history of our Corps, and we'd never heard of this air station," said Richard Pittman, 67, visitor to Ewa Field and US Marine Medal of Honor recipient visiting Ewa Field.
 "This is history, and you are not going to find a site like this that is isolated like this," "I'm standing on history right now." - Jay Vargas, another Medal of Honor recipient at Ewa.
According to Ewa Field historical research, at least 11 Medals of Honor were awarded to Marine pilots who trained at the combat airfield, home to many famous squadrons and combat air aces. Even aviation legend Charles Lindbergh flew F4U Corsairs at Ewa.

Honoring Major John A. Hughes, USMC
Island Images: Medal of Honor - MCAS Ewa Field Medal of Honor Photos
Gathering of the brave - US Marines Medal of Honor visit MCAS Ewa Field to pay respects to fallen Marine aviation heroes

Medal of Honor Recipients at former MCAS Ewa - KHON TV News
Heroes at Hawaii's Ewa Field defended against Japan attack
Daniel Martinez, chief historian of the WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument at Pearl Harbor, told the crowd that 'Ewa Field was the birth of Marine aviation in the Pacific "and that is why this place is important."   …Ewa Field is "Sacred Ground."
MCAS Ewa Field - home base for eleven Medal of Honor recipient pilots