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75th Anniversay of Ewa Field Air Attack, the Forgotten Sacrifice Honored In West Oahu

75th Anniversay of Ewa Field Air Attack, the Forgotten Sacrifice Honored In West Oahu

Ewa Field, the Forgotten Sacrifice Honored In West Oahu

Victims Of Ewa Field Attack 7 Decades Ago Remembered Dec 10, 2011 KITV News

HONOLULU —Thousands took part in ceremonies this week to remember those who died in the attack at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

But some have forgotten about the sacrifices at other Oahu battlegrounds on that fateful day.

On Saturday, a ceremony was held to help people remember.

On Dec. 7, as Japanese planes bombed Pearl Harbor, others aimed at Ewa Field where U.S. planes were parked.

Retired Marine Maj. John Hughes, who is 92-years old, still remembers the attack vividly. Hughes said he and others fought back even though they were out-gunned against the Japanese.

"A strafing plane was coming in, the first one, and I got three shots off before he got past. Whether I did any damage -- I don't know," said Hughes.

The attack killed over a dozen servicemen as well as civilians in West Oahu. They were remembered by those at Saturday's ceremony, but have been forgotten by others who look back at Hawaii's history.

"It's often just about Pearl Harbor, and that's an important part of it, but there were about 15 sailors and soldiers killed here in West Oahu. We want to remember them," said John Bond who helped organize the commemoration.

The ceremony to remember the sacrifice of those at Ewa Field was held at Naval Air Station Barber's Point, because according to Bond, the land at Ewa Field is changing hands. But there is hope the now-abandoned airfield will one day become a place where people can learn first-hand about other aspects of that historical day.

"It will become a recognized historic site on a federal level. It will just take a little more time," said Bond.

Veterans like Hughes still remember the sacrifice in West Oahu, but worry that without reminders parts of history could fade away like an old photograph.

"It's more or less forgotten. It's good for people to go to these memorials to see and be reminded of what happened," said Hughes.

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